Stories about our bestest buddy

About For Binky…

While this site is called For Binky, it isn’t exclusively about him. It’s about all our pets—past, present, and future. Will it be a lot of Binky content to start? Of course. He remains a tremendous part of our life and we want to share him, all of him, with everyone we can.

But if it’s not just for Binky, why the name?


Binky’s loss hit me hard, harder than I could imagine. It left me in a dark place. Not completely, but, like the shadow cast by a spinning merry-go-round, there were moments of darkness that I couldn’t imagine ever coming out of. Through it all, one thing kept coming to me as a way to continue moving forward, and that was to do it for Binky. Because he’d want me to. He’d want me to be the best person that he saw me as… and make no mistake, even when I couldn’t take him out, I think he saw me as the best person. It’s how he saw everyone. It’s how we should see everyone. We should see them as the best they are. And when they improve, they’re bester. Best isn’t a limit. It’s simply a state of being. It isn’t a matter of thinking “What would Binky do?” to me. It’s a matter of being who I am and doing what I do FOR him. Because he’d want me to.


John said most of what I’d have written. But I will add this. I thought about so many other names. My favorite that didn’t have Binky in it was Hey, Elvis. Because when Binky was in the shelter before we adopted him, they nicknamed him Elvis. It seemed to be the closest thing to him that wasn’t his actual name. Plus, and and several other variations of Binky weren’t available as domain names when I searched.

But Binky deserves to be remembered for his name. Because his name was so much a part of him and us. The name comes from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. In that amazing series, Death rides a great white horse. That horse is named Binky. Because what else would you name Death’s horse? When we brought Binky home, he was absolutely huge. And very, very white (with those striking patches of brown and black tabby). So, there really was only one name we could possibly choose.

We have no idea as we start this journey of grieving and of remembering and of celebrating him and Wingnut and Abbie if anyone but the two of us will ever read this. We hope so, but even if it’s only for us, it’s what we need to do.

We’ll likely add some organization and some more features to the site over the next few weeks, but right now, it’s just our thoughts in blog format. At some point, we might order them. At the very least, there will eventually be a page for each cat, but right now, most everything is about Binky.